//  i think midnight cowboy (the soundtrack) is an even better soundtrack.
//  Midnight Cowboy (the film) is a great soundtrack
//  Oooo deers
//  There once was a man from Nantucket...
//  There once was a. An
//  There once was a. An
//  and apparently, no one else can either
//  I can never think of anything to write
//  it might be dixie chicks, it might be scott screaming like an asshole and claiming it sounds like the start of clint eastwood
//  awww, next we need an audio option, and there's no way to tell what it is until you play it
//  does it work for you still?
//  I will look
//  hmm... I'm not sure why it's not working
//  well that's not very nice of you, having pun at my expense
//  Oh deer
//  but the deer remain
//  hmm, i uploaded two pictures
//  I like the cut of your jib, son!
//  Poopy popper butt boomerang
//  caroline's mom mentioned that she had a tourtiere with bison in it over christmas.
//  i am almost certain that deer used to end up in tourtieres.
//  and burn the forest
//  Without reading anything about it, I image the web page is suggesting that you murder these deers to make your tourtiere
//  I searched again and found the above image of two deers
//  unsurprisingly it is a quebecois invention
//  pretty close to that, yeah.
//  Is it literally just heaps of meat in a pie?
//  I had to google tourtiere
//  i'm curious if those emojis were someone trying to swear or someone trying to copy a url
//  sure so full? just so full.
//  I'm sure so full of tourtiere.
//  invest in love
//  i searched hairy men cuddling bunnies... and then hairy men cuddling goats... nothing useful
//  Useless
//  No naked tom cruise, only two Alex Israel paintings and a swan statue
//  oh snap!
//  Look, images!
//  would everyone just shut up for a second???!
//  TIL that Woody Harrelson's father was a contract killer.
//  by far the best phrase encountered in today's reading of 19th century haligonian texts.
//  "...and there, in the shadow of unromantic cauliflowers and to the tune of discordant cats, [we] would have dreamed of the eternal woods and the lordly elk."
//  Hmmm... Good request
//  photoshop request; non-explicitly nude tom cruise in a poster parody for mi: fallout -- "mission impossible: balls out"
//  i'd guess that my inner demon is something along the lines of slimer from ghostbusters
//  My inner demon is a car keyer
//  I often wish that i was the type of person who would key cars
//  I'll do that i between greenscreen work this weekend
//  I still gotta add the images
//  I was trying to find a definitive list of slurs/hate terms but they seem to mostly be far too broad.
//  Damn... Yeah missed one
//  ...it would appear that your political correctness has not gone mad enough!
//   cock asshole prick!
//  it filters out bad words shit-ass fuck??
//  it filters out a few bad wrods and URLs
//  blurst works super simply, it writes to database table... and then displays the most recent posts
//  Sorry! I have been distracted, havent seen anything here... or that choose me a movie is down... although somone told me that it was
//  sorry, i've been out of service and unable to keep this joke going. today's movie is the 2003 drama 'the big empty'
//  today, it's the 2013 sci-fi horror movie 'absence'
//  and today, it's the middle chapter in kieslowski's 'three colours' trilogy, the 1994 film \white'
//  today's movie is the 2004 canadian film 'nothing'
//  Blurggg
//  it's the gangbang emoticon
//  i give up!
//  more mysteries!